According to Arab tradition, the hawk’s eye cheers up its wearer and sharpens one’s wits. It preserves agreement between spouses and confers youthfulness and health. Many different peoples have called the stone the hawk’s eye. The hawk’s eye is said to protect against short-sightedness, eye injuries and corneal inflammations.

The amethyst is for Pisces. In ancient writings, amethysts protect against drunkenness. It is considered a talisman of a happy marriage and drives away dark thoughts. It transforms rage, hate and anger into love and sweet temper. It also protects against hail, lightning and grasshoppers.

Jasper comes in different variants – red, green with red spots (heliotrope or bloodstone), epidote jasper, rhyolith. It was used medically in ancient times in many ways. For instance, it was believed that a bleeding wound could be healed by it. Worn as an amulet, jasper is said to have a painkilling effect.

Rose quartz has been venerated since antiquity as the stone of love and the heart. The Greeks and Romans believed that the gods of love, Amor and Eros, brought rose quartz to the earth to give people the primal force of love and reconciliation. People say that by applying rose quartz the heart is supplied with oxygen.

The Arabs and Greeks honoured tiger’s eye as a gemstone that cheers up its wearer and hones his or her senses. They say it protects against criminal influences and strengthens friendships. Healing powers in the head area and for bones and joints are attributed to tiger’s eye.

According to Greek tradition, aventurine endows its wearer with courage and renewed optimism, ambition and determination. Wearing the stone close to the skin is said to heal skin allergies and have a soothing effect on psoriasis.

According to Roman tradition, rock crystal is a gemstone of harmony, purity and openness. It protects the person wearing it against harmful rays. It is said to have special properties of protecting, purifying and healing people.

Citrine is said to help keep a clear head and prevent you from rashly embarking on adventures. Commitments, transactions and even romantic relationships are especially protected by it. It is said to endow staying power and help its wearer obtain cheerfulness of heart and esteem.


It is believed that the first agate finds come from the river “Achates” in Sicily. Agate is one of the oldest gemstones and healing stones and owes its popularity to its great variety of colours. These stones were already used for vessels and amulets in antiquity.

 The Egyptians carried carnelian with them wherever they went as the gemstone of regeneration and devotion. The pharaohs at that time attributed to carnelian divine strength, with which they liked to adorn themselves. With its reddish colours, it became the symbol of the returning sun for the Greeks.


Chalcedony protects its wearer against fatigue and melancholy and liberates one from chronic discontent. The Tibetans compare the stone with the beauty of a lotus blossom. It sparks joy and charm, and drives melancholy away. The chalcedony gives the Sagittarius energy and quells exam anxiety.


According to Greco-Roman tradition, the onyx is a special protective stone for the Capricorn which wards off all evil from its wearer’s soul. Used by almost all peoples and particularly by the Native Americans as a protective stone against black magic, sorcery, witchcraft and pestilence.