General Guidelines 22. - 24. November 2024 Messegelände Berlin, Messedamm 22, D-14055 Berlin

1. Registration:
Please return the registration by 1 August 2024. You will then receive an invoice that serves at the same time as confirma- tion of your booth. Withdrawal is possible at any time until the registrati- on deadline of 1 August 2024. Thereafter, a conditional release from the contract can only be agreed subject to reletting the stand. Compensation of 25% of the stall money is to be paid.

If deregistration does not take place in writing, the stall money is due even if the exhibitor does not attend. Each part of a metre of exhibition area will be invoiced in full. If more area is claimed and occupied after the fact than has been registered for, the additional amount is due im- mediately and is to be paid in full later. Processing fee when paying on site: Euro 20 plus legally applicable VAT. The booth may only be occupied after complete payment of the fees. Booths may not be shifted, pulled apart or expanded forward or to the side, or else the booth must be completely dismantled! There is no entitlement to admission.

2. Payment:
After receiving the invoice and booth confirmation, please pay by bank transfer to the account: “Pfundt, Berlin-Mineralien”, acct. Deutsche Bank AG; IBAN: DE 88 100 708 480 4536876 01 BIC (SWIFT): DEU DE DB110

3. Set-up and dismantling:
Thursday, 21 Nov. 2024 12 -10 pm
Friday, 22 Nov. 2024 7 -10 am
Saturday 23 Nov. 2024 8 -10 am 
Sunday 24 Nov. 2024 8 -10 am and 6 -12 pm

Early booth set-up is possible on Wednesday 20 Nov. 2024 from 10 am to 10 pm only upon prior notification. The costs of 20 Euro per m 2 plus legally applicable VAT are to be paid to the Messe Berlin.

Opening times for visitors: daily from 10 am – 6 pm. It is essential to keep the back side of the hall clear or vacate it for loading and unloading.

4. Exhibitor’s passes:
Each exhibitor gets passes depending on the booth size 1 “exhibition metre” (em) = 1 pass; 2 - 5 em = 2 passes; 6 - 8 em = 3 passes; more than 9 em = 4 passes; more upon consultation. Additional passes cost Euro 10 each plus legally applicable VAT. There is no free replacement of lost or forgotten exhibitor’s passes. The exhibitor’s passes must be specifically identified by name and are non-transferrable. They are to be shown to the employees of Berlin- Mineralien at control points.

5. Access fairgrounds / parking tickets:
Before entering the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, each exhibitor must register with Messe Berlin using their vehicle registration number. The access and the stay during the construction are now subject to a charge! You can see how to register via this link: Messe Berlin - visifair ( Parking on the exhibition grounds during the three days of the event is subject to a fee. The parking tickets will be sold in the exhibition hall before the start of the event or receive digitally after ordering. The parking ticket is only valid during opening hours. Parking on the exhibition grounds is not permitted at night. The fee for all three days is EUR 75 (incl. statutory VAT). After the end of the event, the site can be accessed for dismantling on Sunday, November 24, 2024 from 6 p.m. for a fee. This does not apply to exhibitors who have bought a parking permit for three days. This also requires you to register with Messe Berlin yourself.

An extra parking permit is required for trailers.

6. Stand design / glass and plexiglass / advertising:
The exhibitor commits to having a well-equipped stand, lighting and covering the front side of the table. Tables, walls and floors may not be nailed or pasted over. Adhesive strips must be removed by the par- ticipant independently. There are no water connections or wastewater systems available for machine tools. This means the water cycle must be in a closed system together with the machine. Only safety glass suitable for the construction and the intended purpose may be used for all stand constructions. Handing out brochures or other advertising on the part of the exhibi- tors is permitted only at one’s own stand. Displaying, distributing and using material as posters is not permitted unless agreed to by the event organiser in writing. For reasons of fire protection, it is not permitted to decorate with artificial or silk plants. In accordance with the Assembly Area Ordinance (VStättV), bringing animals is not permitted during the time period of the event. It is obligatory that the company and a name together with an address are attached to the exhibitor’s stand in a clearly visible manner.

7. Fire alarm boxes / smoking:
The fire alarm boxes along the walls of the hall may not be blocked by display cases or exhibits. Direct access must be ensured. In addition, every exhibitor is to display a fire extinguisher of his or her own at the booth. There is a general ban on smoking on the premises of Messegelände Berlin.

8. Electricity supply:
Electrical connections are available. Connection fees depend on the size of the booth: 1- 3 metres = 50 Euro, 4 - 6 metres = 60 Euro, 7 - 8 metres = 70 Euro, above 9 metres = 80 Euro, plus legally applicable VAT, incl. usage and irrespective of the number of watts to be connected. Even if the existing electrical connections are not used, the connection fees will be charged. Each participant is to provide his own lamps, extension cords and distri- butor boxes. The electrical equipment must meet the legal provisions of the VDE.

9. Waste removal:
The booth must be left clean after dismantling. Since some exhibitors leave behind up to 1 cbm in trash packaging, this will be charged subsequently with the costs of currently Euro 50 plus legally applicable VAT per cbm. For this reason each exhibitor must take his own packaging material, crates, boxes, etc. with him.

10. Liability / insurance:
The event organiser does not take any liability for damage or loss of exhibited goods and the booth equipment. Each exhibitor is responsible himself for respecting all relevant customs and tax provisions. Claims for damage shall be excluded In case of cancellation, postpone- ment, relocation or early closing.

11. Data usage / protection
The exhibitor agrees that the data he has transmitted may be gathered, processed and used by the event organiser in accordance with the pro- visions of the federal data protection act and other relevant provisions on data protection in order to support and provide information from customers and interested parties as well as in order to carry out the services offered.

12. Objects on exhibit / goods on offer:
Minerals, fossils, gemstones, gold and silver jewellery, polished collec- tors’ stones, grinding machines and accessories, stone figures, shells, corals, pearls, amber, crystal jewellery, wall decorations, wood jewellery, silkwork, costume jewellery, antique jewellery, synthetic stones, specialist books, display cases, collectors’ accessories. All exhibits must have prices. A label must be attached with the designation of the type of mineral/ fossil and where it was found. Poisonous and radioactive minerals are to be expressly designated as such and only handed over to persons over 18. Glued, dyed or synthetic artic- les are to be labelled accordingly. The consequence of non-compliance is being excluded from the exhibition.

13. Visa:
Invitation letter for visa purpose are chargeable (40 Euro per person). Therefor you will get an extra form.

14. Exhibition objective:
As an international sales exhibition, MINERALIS offers all mineral and fossil collectors, museums, specialist dealers, representatives of related professions and suppliers of accessories the opportunity to acquire exten- sive information, to purchase, sell and exchange. 

15. Other / severability clause / hygiene concept
Place of performance and court of jurisdiction for all obligations is Berlin. Should the general guidelines be partially legally ineffective or incomple- te, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining stipulations nor of the contract. In this case the parties shall undertake to substitute for the ineffective stipulations or fill the gap by a provision that best achieves the commercial purpose pursued by the parties.
The hygiene and safety concept must be adhered to.


Teilnahmebedingungen (german)
General Guidelines (english)
Hygiene- und Sicherheitskonzept Messe Berlin (german)

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