Dear friends of MINERALIS Berlin,

the corona crisis continues to be a challenge for us. We confidently look ahead to this year's minerals, fossils and jewelry exchange in Berlin in autumn 2021.

We cordially invite you and look forward to seeing you again from November 19-21, 2021 at the Berlin Exhibition Center under the radio tower.

MINERALIS 2021 takes place according to the 3G rules (vaccinated, recovered, tested). Anyone who has not been vaccinated or has recovered within six months must submit a negative test from an official body. This does not apply to children up to and including 11 years of age.

There is NO test station on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

According to the Berlin Corona Ordinance, 2.000 people (visitors and exhibitors) are currently (as of October 12, 2021) allowed to stay on the event area at the same time (read at The maximum number of visitors is monitored.

The mask requirement must be observed all day long (FFP2 or surgical mask) as well as compliance with the distance rules to other people, whereby everyone is responsible.

People who do not adhere to the rules must leave the premises. Repeated disregard will result in exclusion without reimbursement of costs.

Ticket sales for visitors are exclusively online.
This is still being worked on and will then be available here.
NO tickets are sold on site.

Sincerely, your MINERALIS team


A hobby turned into a profession

Our holiday luggage has always included a rock pick and a chisel. Be it quartz, calcite or mineral ore, the Pfundt family began collecting minerals more than 50 years ago. There were deposits in Germany on slag heaps and in surface mines in the Harz region, in the Bavarian Fichtelgebirge, in the Black Forest, in the Hunsrück region. But other destinations like the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica also provided natural treasures of stone. Amethyst, rock crystal, agate and rose quartz – our collection grew such that we almost had a little “mine”. Besides our own collecting activity, we also started attending mineral shows outside of Berlin.

The idea to set up such a sales exhibition / trade fair in Berlin was put into operation in 1975; what was then the Congress Hall in Berlin-Tiergarten was rented. After its collapse in 1980, the Berlin Minerals, Fossils and Jewellery Show switched to the exhibition halls under the Berlin Radio Tower. The exhibition is organised by Doris Pfundt with the support of all her family members.

THis Months Zodiac Stone: 23.10. - 22.11. Scorpio - Carnelian

 The Egyptians carried carnelian with them wherever they went as the gemstone of regeneration and devotion. The pharaohs at that time attributed to carnelian divine strength, with which they liked to adorn themselves. With its reddish colours, it became the symbol of the returning sun for the Greeks.