Dear friends of MINERALIS Berlin,

we hope that after the turbulent year 2020 you have come through the pandemic in good health.

Nevertheless, the corona crisis is still a challenge for us. We confidently look ahead to this year's minerals, fossils and jewelry exchange in Berlin in autumn 2021.

We cordially invite you and look forward to seeing you again from November 19-21, 2021 at the Berlin Exhibition Center under the radio tower. (The voucher cards from 2019 are of course valid for 2021)

However, a special hygiene and safety concept is required, which is worked out and put online at the appropriate time. At the moment there are still many variables in how the pandemic will develop. There is only hope that MINERALIS will take place this year.

We wish you continued health and confidence. We thank you for your loyalty and your trust over the years.

Sincerely, your MINERALIS team


A hobby turned into a profession

Our holiday luggage has always included a rock pick and a chisel. Be it quartz, calcite or mineral ore, the Pfundt family began collecting minerals more than 50 years ago. There were deposits in Germany on slag heaps and in surface mines in the Harz region, in the Bavarian Fichtelgebirge, in the Black Forest, in the Hunsrück region. But other destinations like the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica also provided natural treasures of stone. Amethyst, rock crystal, agate and rose quartz – our collection grew such that we almost had a little “mine”. Besides our own collecting activity, we also started attending mineral shows outside of Berlin.

The idea to set up such a sales exhibition / trade fair in Berlin was put into operation in 1975; what was then the Congress Hall in Berlin-Tiergarten was rented. After its collapse in 1980, the Berlin Minerals, Fossils and Jewellery Show switched to the exhibition halls under the Berlin Radio Tower. The exhibition is organised by Doris Pfundt with the support of all her family members.

THis Months Zodiac Stone: 23.9. - 22.10. Libra - Citrine

Citrine is said to help keep a clear head and prevent you from rashly embarking on adventures. Commitments, transactions and even romantic relationships are especially protected by it. It is said to endow staying power and help its wearer obtain cheerfulness of heart and esteem.