In 2019, the glittering MINERALIS show opened its doors at the Berlin exhibition grounds under the Radio Tower for the 45th time. As every year, the wonders of nature will fascinate visitors with their colours, forms and structures.

This year too, dealers and collectors will show their “treasures” from around the world and the newest finds at the Mineralis. Both the raw materials and the polished stones come directly from mines in Pakistan (aquamarine), India (ruby, sapphire), Australia (opal).

2019’s trendy colours are reflected in the yellow-orange tones of amber: amber has long been considered a healing and magical stone that is said to draw harmful substances out of the body. For that reason, it was often worn as jewellery around one’s neck. Amber becomes particularly interesting when it encloses animals and plants.

The best known of the fossils are the diverse ammonites, which are offered in great variety from 1 cm to 0.50 m in length. Other attractive fossils are fish from Brazil or the USA, as well as petrified woods from America.


A hobby turned into a profession

Our holiday luggage has always included a rock pick and a chisel. Be it quartz, calcite or mineral ore, the Pfundt family began collecting minerals more than 50 years ago. There were deposits in Germany on slag heaps and in surface mines in the Harz region, in the Bavarian Fichtelgebirge, in the Black Forest, in the Hunsrück region. But other destinations like the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica also provided natural treasures of stone. Amethyst, rock crystal, agate and rose quartz – our collection grew such that we almost had a little “mine”. Besides our own collecting activity, we also started attending mineral shows outside of Berlin.

The idea to set up such a sales exhibition / trade fair in Berlin was put into operation in 1975; what was then the Congress Hall in Berlin-Tiergarten was rented. After its collapse in 1980, the Berlin Minerals, Fossils and Jewellery Show switched to the exhibition halls under the Berlin Radio Tower. The exhibition is organised by Doris Pfundt with the support of all her family members.

THis Months Zodiac Stone: 19.2. - 20.3. Pisces - Amethyst

The amethyst is for Pisces. In ancient writings, amethysts protect against drunkenness. It is considered a talisman of a happy marriage and drives away dark thoughts. It transforms rage, hate and anger into love and sweet temper. It also protects against hail, lightning and grasshoppers.